"Be Prepared Stamford!"

The City of Stamford has taken steps to ensure that businesses in Stamford remain operational and viable whenever possible in the wake of an emergency or disaster, by implementing the new Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS). The City's partner in this program is the Business Network of Emergency Resources (BNET), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to establishing emergency and crisis management solutions through partnerships between local government and business.

What is the Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS)?

The CEAS Program is a pre-event credentialing program that allows essential business employees to gain access to restricted areas following a disaster or serious emergency by using a secure identification card recognized by the police. By allowing businesses to initiate a reentry and recovery process as quickly as possible, companies can continue the critical functions of business throughout or soon after a disaster. The CEAS Program gives businesses the opportunity to be proactive.

Is this the only Recognized Program?

CEAS is the only program recognized by the Stamford Police Department and the Office of Emergency Management that allows emergency access to businesses. The CEAS Program enables law enforcement officials to immediately recognize authorized users; allowing critical employees to enter restricted areas and reduce enterprise risk, thereby ensuring that the right people have access to the right places at the right time. These critical employees are then able to quickly assess damages and ensure their company's viability, continuity and recovery.

How does the CEAS program benefit your business?

The next time there is a major business disruption to your work location, CEAS may help you limit financial loss, retain customers, and get you back in business faster by allowing you to:

  • Gain emergency access to your business when access is restricted
  • Maintain, stabilize and sustain core IT systems
  • Retrieve critical equipment such as laptops and servers
  • Preserve laboratory processes
  • Rescue vaulted assets such as cash, checks, receipts, and certificates
  • Retrieve vital records such as contracts, invoices, customer records, insurance documents, tax records, and licenses
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Conduct damage assessments and secure premises


Who is eligible for enrollment?

Any business can elect to participate in the program, paid for by participating businesses through an annual enrollment fee. Companies designate a limited number of critical employees or contractors to receive a CEAS card prior to any emergency or disaster.

Who is responsible for credentialing?

The CEAS program places the responsibility on businesses to manage their cardholders by identifying their critical employees as well as managing turnover and re-assignment of personnel.

Stamford businesses interested in participating in the CEAS program can obtain more information about the CEAS program, and enroll in the CEAS program by visiting http://www.ceas.com/.